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Product Spotlight – H2O Excel

At Great Plains Processing, we manufacture many different products for many different uses. Today, we are going to highlight H2OExcel, a product that is exclusively manufactured at our facility in Luverne, Minnesota, and look at some of its features and benefits. GPP is an authorized distributor of H2OExcel and various other products from Brookside Agra.

What is H2OExcel?H2OExcel™ 1 gallon container

H2OExcel™ is a proprietary blend of desert plant extracts and high-quality, humic acid-containing biologicals and other natural, non-plant derived nutrient enhancers.

Natural H2OExcel offers more benefits to soil, crops and turf than just water conservation!

Water management and the need to find the perfect balance of soil health is crucial to today’s growers and turf specialists. The dynamic that puts this all together is Brookside Agra’s natural H2OExcel. Made in the U.S.A.

H2OExcel is all of the following in one product:

  • Biologicals (living organisms)
  • Humates
  • Fulvics
  • Surfactants
  • Natural sugars
  • Vitamins and minerals

This unique chemistry is put together to support a dynamic shift in the way modern farming practices have been conducted and brings to the grower the following benefits: water and input reductions, healthier soils, reduced disease pressure and increased yields.

Main Attributes of H2OExcel

Water Management

The essence of H2OExcel™ is its ability to manage water. H2OExcel™ is very effective at how water is managed and utilized in the soil profile and the root zone. It has the ability to infiltrate effectively through different soil types and reach farther and deeper into the soil profile, making water better managed and more usable.


Saponins is a cell found in enormous numbers in desert plants. They resemble dish sponges and have high water-storage capacity and continually share that water with the plants as needed. This component in H2OExcel™ is critical to making water-use more efficient so crops can endure long periods of drought, which is critical in reducing the need for irrigation.

Biological Growth and Activity

H2OExcel™ contains aerobic bacteria and fungi that is very important to delivering beneficial nutrition that the plant needs for success. H2OExcel™ brings the biologicals along to populate more of the root zone; deeper in the soil profile.


  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Fruit Trees
  • Flowers
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Landscapes
  • Lawns (seeding and sod)
  • All crops
  • Golf Fairways and Tees
  • Putting Greens

Directions for Use

Mix H2OExcel™ in water and apply as a spray or soil-drench based on recommended application rates listed on container and below. Spray mixture or use injection/irrigation system on plants, crops or turf. Do not use product in the concentrated form. H2OExcel™ is tank-mix compatible with fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and mixes easily in cold water and stays in solution. Repeat application process each time watering is required.

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