Our Products


Great Plains Processing has made large advances custom spray drying and blending in industrial agriculture to bring customers quality products that will keep their crops and animals in good condition.



Pro+ is a new high-quality nutritional supplement that improves pig and sow performance. It contains key nutrients including digestible sources of peptides, amino acids and trace minerals. When incorporated into a balanced diet, Pro+ drives feed intake, leading to optimal growth, condition and health.

Pro+ was developed as a protein source for all animal diets, including livestock, fish, and companion animals. Pro+ includes a consistent source of essential amino acids, providing added value to a diverse group of end users.


Raw Materials

GPP purchases large quantities of raw materials to satisfy our customers’ orders. We are well equipped to distribute both raw materials and finished product to your company. GPP has supply agreements with many large raw material suppliers, and could help your business source its raw materials to receive a consistent supply at better prices.

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