Raw Material Product List

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GPP purchases large quantities of raw materials to satisfy our customers’ orders and fulfill production needs on our own products. We are well equipped to distribute both raw materials and finished product to your company. GPP has supply agreements with many large raw material suppliers, and could help your business source its raw materials to receive a consistent supply at better prices without sacrificing quality. Visit our website for more information at GPP-co.com

Soy Protein

Soy flour (GMO & non-GMO)
Soy isolate (GMO & non-GMO)

Trace Minerals

Cupric (copper) sulfate
Ferrous (iron) sulfate
Manganese sulfate
Zinc sulfate


Citric Acid
and more

Packaging sizes vary. Please call for more information regarding raw materials and packaging sizes.

Contact us to see how your operation can partner with GPP to receive high-quality raw materials for your production. Price breaks available.

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