Great Plains Processing Launches New Product Geared Toward Livestock Health

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Bridging the gap between naturally produced amino acids and those needed for optimum condition helps improve health and performance, publishes

— Research has been ongoing in regard to the roles of various nutritional elements in livestock health and performance. Recent studies place increased emphasis on the significance of amino acids in animal diets, particularly that of pigs. These studies were conducted from three key angles, all of which point to positive results from proprietary amino acid intake. In light of these findings, Briana Conrad of Great Plains Processing ( has launched a new product in the company’s lineup.

“At Great Plains Processing, we’re dedicated to being on the cutting edge of the feed industry,” said Conrad, “and we cover the full spectrum of feed processing needs. We have the facilities and expertise to produce both standard and custom liquid and dry blends. Our team continuously incorporates new developments into our processes and brings new ideas to our industry. Our latest product, GP Pro Plus is a high-quality nutritional supplement designed to deliver vital proteins and trace minerals as part of a balanced diet.”

Reports indicate amino acids are critical factors in development on the cellular level as well as sources of energy for proper organ function. They are also crucial to muscle growth and maintenance. As vital elements in metabolism, amino acids aid in breaking down other nutrients and distributing them throughout the body as needed. They likewise play a role in nutrient absorption during digestion.

Studies have shown links between amino acid deficiencies and weakened immunity. Insufficient amounts of lysine and other AA’s have been deemed particularly detrimental among young pigs from six to 12 weeks of age as well as those having been exposed to illnesses. Lastly, AA’s are believed to reduce the environmental impact of pigs’ waste by lowering nitrogen content. While 22 amino acids are vital to health and proper growth, pigs are only able to produce 10 of them naturally; those remaining 12 must be gleaned from food and supplements.

Further details about GP Pro+ along with Great Plains Processing’s other products and services are available via

Concluded Conrad, “GP Pro+ contains a range of key nutrients, including digestible sources of peptides, amino acids and trace minerals. When incorporated into a balanced diet, it drives feed intake, leading to optimal growth, condition and health. We invite anyone interested to view the results of our field trials on our website or contact us for more information. Quality, safety and innovation are our top priorities, and this latest product in our lineup carries on our commitment to these values.”

About Great Plains Processing:

Established in 2000, Great Plains Processing has grown to become a global leader in custom spray drying and blending for the feed industry. The company’s services expand beyond manufacturing to include sales, distribution, logistics and warehousing.

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